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enhance COVID SAFEty protocols
for under $20 an employee.

tad™ is a cost effective way to enhance your business and make your employees and customers feel safer.

tad™ is a wearable temperature alert device that brings peace of mind to customers and employees who interact with them to feel and be tadSAFE™.

How tad™ Works



tad™ will take the wearer's temperature automatically every 15 minutes and display the numerical temperature for 10 seconds, followed by a  steady burning indicator light that will be one of three colors and remains lit until the next reading: Green = Normal Range (Safe), Amber = Slight Rise, (Be Cautious) or Red = Fever (Take an Axillary Temperature Reading by placing the unit under your arm and then decide to Seek Medical Attention).



tad™ can also take a  temperature reading by the simple push of a button. Should the wearer’s temperature be elevated outside the normal range, tad™ will alert the wearer via a vibrating alarm and a change in the indicator light color to Amber or Red.  



tad™ is not a Bluetooth or WiFi compatible device so there are no privacy or HIPPA concerns and as a business owner, tad™ allows you to take action at the earliest warning sign.

Port tampa bay

“We’ve partnered with tad™ Safe to provide all 150 Port Tampa Bay employees with a temperature alert device to monitor their body temperature,” said Paul Anderson, Port Tampa Bay President and CEO. “This is for the safety of all port employees – whether they are in the office building or in the field. We’ve had a great response from our employees and they appreciate the device, which is one of our many efforts to keep our employees, partners, and customers safe and healthy.”


“Safety will continue to be top priority as we push forward at full-speed ahead in our commitment and dedication to serving our neighbors,” City Manager Chris Lagerbloom said. “In bringing all of our staff back into the workplace we have taken many precautions to provide employees with a safe working environment, providing COVID-19 precautions -- from providing PPE and hand sanitizer to conducting temperature checks at entrances to city facilities.”

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